Installing Insulated Metal Roofs The Right Way

If you are planning to buy insulated metal roof for your home in Coffs Harbour, it is important to know how to install them the right way. For inspiration, here are some top tips that you need to keep in mind when installing your insulated metal roof:

1. Examine the building

Before you begin the installation process, check the steel structure and any other structure that the roof is attached to. Are the roof purlins properly aligned or slightly bowed? Is the substructure plane within the specifications of the manufacturer? If you detect any irregularities in the building, you need to do a few adjustments to ensure that your roof is ultimately installed properly.

2. Establish a Reference Line

One of the best ways of ensuring that your panels are correctly aligned is establishing a fixed reference line along your building’s rake edge—that’s square to your building’s eave. All your spacing measurements should be made from this reference edge line. You can install a string line from your building’s eave to ridge, parallel to the rake. As a guide, the string line should measure from the string back to your panel run.

3. Check the panel alignment.

The alignment of your insulated roof panels should be checked at every run. However, at minimum, you need to check it after every 3-4 runs. Strive to measure from the rake support to last completed panel run seam—at the endlap, eave, and ridge.

4. Adjusting panel Width

To maintain the modularity of your installed roof, the panels’ widths may need some slight adjustments. There are insulated metal roofs that can be adjusted by simply bending the sides of the backup plates to narrow or widen the panel connections at the ridges and endlaps—just ensure that no more than ΒΌ inches every side. Other roof systems can be adjusted by simply using panel clips. You can stretch the panel widths by installing the panel clips at the ridge or endlap. To shrink your panel coverage, consider installing the clip at the ridge or endlap with the base angled towards the panel.

Final Thoughts

The above highlighted tips are some of the top simple tips that if followed well and coupled with paying close attention to reference lines of the roof can go a long way in helping any homeowner who is installing an insulated metal roof in Coffs Harbour to identify any roof installation deviations and the needed corrections right away. If implemented, the tips should result into better looking and more weather-tight insulated metal roof that will serve you for long.

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