Intro To OwnCloud Hosting

OwnCloud is basically a server that helps share files without handing over complete control of the data to another individual or organization. At the moment, third-party cloud services are quite popular and in widespread use. These services can be used for uploading and sharing pictures, videos, and a range of other files. Thanks to the cloud setup, the files can be accessed from or downloaded to any device. Locally stored files are almost impossible to retrieve when a device breaks. Information on the cloud can easily survive such unfortunate incidents. But where is all your data stored? And who is having access to it?

The uncertainty and insecurity surrounding cloud storage has gained massive ground in recent times, with the news of government spying on such personal information doing the rounds within industry circles. It’s no more a secret that our government and even foreign governments and large corporations have vested interests in our information and can have instant access to them if they want to. It’s not that difficult for criminals to get access to our personal content either. Just the mere thought of our personal stuff being utilized for financial, non-financial, and other motives can be quite scary.

People can prevent this by stopping cloud usage. However, that’s not a practical solution as the cloud has become an integral part of how we communicate and share information. Therefore, there needs to be an alternative way that eliminates security threat and maintains the other useful features of the cloud. This is where OwnCloud hosting chips in.

OwnCloud enables users to indulge in all those cloud-based activities that they have been doing all this while. But it helps do that in a more secured manner. And all of this is offered for free as per an “open source license”. This license means you have all the rights to check, share, and alter the content. OwnCloud is developed and backed by a large international community that has both volunteer and paid contributors on-board. And anyone can join the team.

OwnCloud isn’t a backup tool. If a file is deleted on a server, then the deleted file will no longer be accessible on all devices that had the client installed. And in case a file is deleted on the client, then the file would get expunged on the particular server and also on other clients syncing the particular file. In case you changed your mind and want the trashed file back, OwnCloud can help you with the recovery too. It has a deleted file trash that retains older file versions. This means modified or deleted files could be brought back from the dead anytime.

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