Junk Hauling And Cleaning Up The House

If you are considering junk hauling and cleaning your house, it’s best to do it in summer. Thanks to the nice weather, hauling out items no longer required would be extremely easy during summer. If you’re not sure how to get started, the following ideas shall be of help. At the end of the process, you’d be surprised to realize you had so much junk in your house to start with.


Begin by attic cleaning. Address the smaller portions of the attic at a time. Consider getting rid of items you have not used for long since these are the items you do not require. If an item hasn’t been used in the last three months, throw them out as you’re unlikely to use them going forward. Letting some items stay in the house unused because you think you would use them later is a major blunder you would make. Some of these could be items you saved for use during the monsoons, which haven’t come in a long time.

Pack the attic items in a box and mark them as per item groups or rooms they were found in. Set these boxes aside for a giveaway or sale.


Clean your closets out. Look for clothes you’ve stored to be worn later when you put on or lose weight, or clothes that you foresee wearing in the future but aren’t wearing currently. Even if you happen to lose weight, it’s likely you’ll ignore the saved clothes and opt for new ones. The clothes must be boxed based on their size or category. Set the boxes aside for sale or a giveaway.

Garage Sale

Consider selling items during garage sales if you like the idea. A garage sale helps eliminate the junk, clean the house, and also make some cash. Categorize the items put up for sale so people know what you’re selling. Ensure all the items have prices marked clearly and put them on tables for display. The asking prices set must be fairly low, but should be reasonable. Selling home junk during a garage sale could turn out a fun activity for the entire family as kids could choose the items they’d like to sell. You may later offer them the money realized from the sale. This would help them learn money management and associated responsibility.

The junk that didn’t see buyers could be donated to the needy.
Don’t hang on to the unsold items. Donate those items that you couldn’t sell or did not put up for sale. This would also teach your kids the wonderful gift of giving.

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