Mental Health Coaching: How To Start Your Career

Mental health coaching is becoming an essential service especially for those who are struggling with mild mental health challenges brought on by work, relationships, and other factors. Unlike counseling or psychiatry, mental health coaching does not deal with the clinical treatment of diagnosed disorder but rather focuses on problem-solving, strengthening mental health through the management of stress, emotions, and anxieties using focused and customized techniques.

Interested in a career in this field? Read on to know how to become a mental health coach.

Enroll in an accredited program

While there are many courses on mental health coaching available online and offline in the form of seminars and workshops, most mental health programs require coaches to enroll in courses accredited by the International Coach Federation, which sets regulations and guidelines for professional coaches worldwide. Other regulating bodies include the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the Health Coach Alliance. Many courses accept applications regardless of education level. However, these courses best serve those who are genuinely interested in a career in mental health coaching and have a background in the health sciences such as psychology, nursing, and the like. Accreditation ensures that the training you get meets professional standards.

Undergo Training

Training is essential for any profession that deals with face-to-face human interactions with vulnerable clients. You can choose to train in the specific techniques that you want to focus on, such as cognitive-behavioral therapies, talk therapies, and other modalities. Training helps you hone your skills and develop weak areas before you meet actual clients. This also allows you to be mentored by experienced professional superiors.

Meet state requirements

Setting up shop is not as easy as everyone thinks. You can open a life-coaching practice from basically anywhere but it also important to look at the legal requirements for this kind of practice in your state. While there is less regulation for life coaches compared to practices like counseling or psychiatry, more and more states are coming out with requirements and restrictions on the kind of services life coaches can and cannot provide. Check your state’s requirements for licensing and certification to make sure that you are not violating any laws when you open up your practice.

Life coaching can be a fulfilling career path especially if you have the heart to help people manage and overcome stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges that occur in everyday life. With the right training, experience, and attitude you can build a successful practice as a mental health coach.

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