Moroccan Lanterns For Your Home

Morocco is known for its exotic designs. Multiple influences from different cultures have melded to form a uniquely Moroccan appeal. Various products from the region are exported all over the world for people who would like to give their homes a bit of old-world charm. These include furniture, fixtures, accents, and lighting. Moroccan lanterns are quite colorful and ornate. Lit with a candle or a bulb from the inside, they give off a warm glow and cast interesting patterns all around. They can be placed almost anywhere around the house including the following areas:

Front Entry

The first impression always lasts. Give your visitors something good to remember by making the front entry as beautiful as can be. Adding Moroccan lanterns will immediately set it apart from the rest. Place one at both sides of the door for symmetry. This will serve as a striking feature that will make the door seem grander than it already is. It should all look quite impressive at night for your hosted dinners and other gatherings with friends.

Living Room

You could also place these lanterns inside the living room. Perhaps you can put them on top of the mantel where their striking figure will be on display for all to see. Use several types and sizes to form an interesting combination. This will work best if the items have a pedestal base for stability. They may also be placed on each side of the television or a large painting. If you have a coffee table, then consider having a lantern on top instead of the usual flower vase. They are certainly excellent conversation starters.

Outdoor Patio

The outdoor patio may also use a touch of the exotic. This is a nice place to unwind when you have free time, whether it’s lazy Sunday mornings or breezy weeknights. They make beautiful decorations that glitter in the sunshine. They also shine bright in the darkness with the appropriate lighting implement. Aside from these fixtures, you may also want to hang pieces of cloth around the patio. Hanging plants, mobile sculptures, and other decorative items may be added for effect as well.


You could also transform your bedroom into a Moroccan escape by using items inspired by or create in the country. For example, you could paint the walls with the light blue paint that is so common in the region. Use antique furniture like bed frames, chairs, desks, or closets with intricate designs. Get in the mood with a colorful lantern. Light it up at night to bask in its glow.

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