Mouth Guards: Designed To Protect Your Smile And Appearance

Your teeth play an important role in your health and appearance. Without your teeth, smiling, eating and talking will be affected resulting in other challenges such as low self-esteem. Furthermore, unless you are a child, if you lose your teeth, the effect is permanent as adults do not grow teeth. Therefore, it is highly important that you protect your teeth especially if you take part in contact sports or any other organized sport including the recreational activities. Mouth guards are the popular, proven mouth protectors that work by cushioning a blow to the face minimizing the chances of broken teeth as well as injuries to your tongue, lips, jaw and face.

The mouth guards are designed to protect the upper teeth as they generally stick out more and thus, they are more likely to feel the greatest effect of a blow. Although the mouth guards are popular among individuals who take part in contact sports, anyone can use mouth guards from children to adults even if they are not taking part in contact sports. Although the risk is high in contact sports, even non-contact sports such as mountain biking and skateboarding pose a risk and thus, you can greatly benefit from wearing a protective mouth guard. In addition to those who take part in sporting activities, children and adults who grind their teeth at night can greatly benefit from wearing bite splint or nocturnal bite plate to prevent tooth damage.

How to choose the appropriate mouth guard

Before you can purchase a mouth guard, you must understand the different types of mouth guards available. Mouth guards Brisbane North come in three main types that include the stock mouth protectors, boil and bite mouth protectors and custom-fitted mouth protectors. The stock guards are preformed and come ready to wear. They are inexpensive and readily available at sporting stores and offer the least protection. The boil and bite guards can also be bought at various sporting stores but offer a better fit than stock mouth protectors.

The custom-fitted mouth protectors are custom-made in a dental office as per an individual needs. Before the custom mouth guards Brisbane North can be made, the dentist first makes an impression of your teeth from which the mouth guard is molded. The custom mouth guards are more expensive than other options as they require extra time and work during design but they offer the best protection. In addition to offering protection, they are also designed to offer comfort.


If you are looking for more than the basic protection, you should go for custom mouth guards as they offer the best protection, they are highly durable and can protect your teeth while alleviating jaw tension.

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