Must-have Gear For A Romantic Camping Trip

After spending what seems like an eternity indoors, most people are yearning to go back to their outdoor activities. Nature-lovers are undoubtedly planning their next camping trips to have something to look forward to when the health scare is over. Since it will be the first since the lockdowns, it makes sense to put a little more effort into it. For example, why not make this one a romantic camping trip? Take your special someone out on a date in the wilderness and make it memorable for all the right reasons. Don’t forget to bring the following items:

Cooking Equipment

It would be nice if you can stay the night at camp instead of just spending the day hiking. This should give you the chance to talk, relax, and have fun. You will have more time to bond over shared activities including cooking your meals. Make sure to bring cooking equipment like a camping stove and small pots and pans. Look up recipes to get ideas on what you might be able to make in the wild. Something with a few ingredients and short prep time is ideal. Pasta is in, elaborate bread-making is probably out. Bring wine or your preferred drinks.

Double Sleeping Bag

Consider your accommodations. Make sure that you bring a tent that is large and comfortable. You could decorate it and around it to set the mood. If it is a camping facility with access to power, then you can bring lights to illuminate the tent interiors. Battery-powered lights work fine, too. Bring a double sleeping bag so that you can snuggle during the cold night instead of sleeping in cramped solo sleeping bags. Consider the height and width of your partner is selecting the bag size. Check the user reviews to find the best one in the market for your needs.

Romantic Extras

You might also bring other things if there is still space in your backpack or your van. For example, it would be nice if the tent had extra blankets and pillows for a comfy stay. You could also bring your musical instruments if you have mastered them. Perhaps you can serenade your partner under the stars. You can also simply bring a music player and a Bluetooth speaker to you can sing along to your favorite songs or dance to the beats.

Do whatever floats your boat. Plan ahead to ensure everything goes smoothly on this romantic camping trip.

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