All You Need To Know About Taper Candles

Tapers are a traditional type of candles designed to be used in candle holders. As the name suggests, taper candles are long and slender and taper into lovely, rounded points towards one end where the wicks burn and produce light. Different types of waxes are used to make these traditional candles. While cleaner- burning wax like soy wax is commonly used, paraffin wax or dyed or scented wax can also be used to make this type of candles. Also known as window candles, these candles are usually 6 to 16 inches high and are a great option for adding a classic elegance to any room.

Common ways to make Taper candles

Dipping method: In this method, the wick is repeatedly dipped into a pot of melted paraffin wax. Due to gravity, the wax accumulates as low as possible, giving the candle its cone shape. A great advantage of using this method to make these candles is that it allows you to change colors, helping you create an array of colorful layers in a single candle.

Molds: Using molds to make these candles allows mass production of regular candles as well as candles with unusual shapes. It also allows you to include different types of decorations (beads or dried flowers) within the candle.

Sheets of Beeswax: This method of candle making involves rolling sheets of beeswax around the wick to get a rolled taper candle. Interesting effects can be obtained on the candle by varying the color or the shape of the wax sheet or by overlapping two different color sheets. Candles prepared by this method usually have a delicate, rich scent and are usually more expensive than traditional wax tapers.

How to burn the candles?

When using a taper, ensure that you burn it in a candle holder or candlesticks to prevent it from falling over and making a mess or potentially spreading fire. While candle holders include a socket to which the candle gets fixed, candlesticks include stem to which the candle is stuck and remains safe to be used. Candle holders are available in different types of material such as silver, glass, porcelain, crystal, or stone and can match any type of décor.

Tapers can be quite useful in the event of power outage. They can be used as decorative items when displayed in beautifully designed candle holders. In addition, while short tapers help create a rustic atmosphere; longer candles are a perfect choice for a romantic dinner party. So whether you need a candle for light or for decoration, buying taper candles would prove to be a wise decision.

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