Neurofeedback Training As Therapy

A lot of our difficulties in life stem from issues within our brains. For example, we may feel restless at night to the point that we lose sleep and become lethargic during the day. We may feel anxious with every bit of bad news that we read about. We could feel sad because of past events that we keep recalling over and over. We may know that these are all in our heads but putting a stop to them is easier said than done. Many deal with their issues all their lives. A few take the initiative to go to therapy. Neurofeedback training is one form of therapy that is becoming more popular today.

Training Your Brain

The goal of neurofeedback training is to train the brain to behave in ways that provide positive outcomes while avoiding negative ones. It relies on brain monitoring to see the signals in different parts of the organ. At every moment, therapists are able to see which regions have the highest brain activity and what the effects are. Electrodes are placed on the scalp to detect signals. These do not conduct electricity so there should be no fear of pain throughout the session. The brain waves are measured and correlated with physical responses. Thus, it can be detected when a person feels angry, restless, anxious, sad, and so on.

Positive and Negative Feedback

The sessions work like a game wherein the patient gets a reward or positive feedback when the brain activity becomes desirable. There is also a penalty if the activity becomes undesirable. These are generally benign such as showing their favorite movie when things are going well and turning the screen blank when it is not. The first sessions come with a lot of guidance from a therapist so that patients can get a handle of what they should do to override their instincts and get better control of their brain functions.

Self-control as a Muscle

After a while, patients will no longer need guidance as they can shift their moods and thus their brain activity however they want. Their ability to manage their thoughts will translate into a calmer mind and body. This kind of self-control just needs to be practiced like a muscle and it will grow stronger over time. Their brain patterns will change and they will become the master of their feelings an action. They will not depend on medication or external help since they can manage on their own.

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