Now Anyone Can Be An App Maker

Mobile application development has just gotten more interesting. Thanks to innovative tools, it is no longer restricted to experienced coders who studied programming in school. Now anyone can do it, too. Sure, it will not be at a level that experts can create apps but regular people can surprise themselves with an app maker. These online services provide drag and drop tools for intuitive development. Just get what you need and place each element where they have to go. Small business are particularly poised to benefit greatly from these tools since the cost of making an app is much lower compared to the traditional method of hiring a professional.

Coding Experience Not Required

Codes are still necessary but users are not required to input these manually. The system is able to generate the codes based on the elements chosen and the functionalities attached to them. The system is similar to what you might have seen with WYSIWYG website builders that came into prominence over a decade ago. Now the revolution is happening in the mobile space where the battle has shifted. More people own smartphones than laptops. They carry their phones in their pockets all the time unlike laptops which most leave at home. They can see mobile messages and notifications right away. Being present in your customer’s phone through an app is a major advantage.

Intuitive User Interface and Wizard

These app maker tools have been designed with complete novices in mind. They have start-up wizards that will guide you every step of the way. Most will ask a few important question in the beginning to lay a good foundation for your app. Just enter your business name and preferred color scheme. Find a category that fits. Then you can proceed to adding the features that you need for your app including forms, calendars, social media integration, push notifications, coupons, and many more. Each service provider will have its own set of available features in various implementations. You can try their services free of charge and subscribe to the one that you like the most.

App Publishing Assistance

You should test and debug your app several times to ensure complete functionality. Once you are satisfied with your work, you can publish it in your preferred app stores. Most service providers offer assistance for publishing so that you can be confident about getting approval and maintain your position in the store.

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