Nu By NEO Shoes

When it comes to stylish Nu by NEO Shoes, you are sure to add a touch of glamour to any ensemble. For a heel of seven centimetres or more, plan to wear your pair of shoes for a restaurant evening an outing with girlfriends or your boyfriend .

Think immediately about the clothes with which you can match your shoes. Opt for a pattern or color that you do not have yet to vary. Think of what you are lacking to match certain outfits of your wardrobe and do not hesitate to be a little daring from time to time. A bright red pump or lemon yellow can do wonders on your outfit if you combine it with good basic and simple pieces (raw jeans, white t-shirt, camel trench, cream cashmere sweater, navy blazer).

When you go shopping, start with the shoes and always opt for quality and not quantity. Take the time to touch the pair of shoes that you want to get an idea of the quality of the material. You can especially check the small quality label that will tell you what materials the shoe is made of. You must even know how to decode it. We often tend to tear it off as soon as we come home without even having looked at it.

Even if it does not have a very aesthetic value, it is precious to know the materials used during the making of the shoe. It is located either on the inside of the lining or outside on the sole.

Opt for a leather insole for better ventilation and a leather outsole for durability. Remember that if a shoe is mostly leather, it is normal to invest a budget of more than NZD100. If a shoe is not mostly made of leather and the materials are more synthetic, do not exceed 50 to 100 dollars. Now that you know how to choose your Nu by NEO Shoes, it is important to wear them well and to be always elegant and stylish.

From boots to ankle boots to low boots, choose without hesitation for heels too, they will lengthen your leg. Choose ballerinas with a small heel to avoid the packed effect. Wear your derbies rather with pants than a skirt or dress so as not to thicken your leg.

If you are tall and thin, you can also afford a lot of things since you are slender. If you are really tall, do not choose a heel that is too high to avoid being perched on a daily basis. For occasions, you can be more daring.

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