Plastic Free Drink Bottles: The Better Alternative

Even though they seem harmless, there are Phthalates, BPA and other hormone-disrupting chemicals in plastic water bottles. Phthalates are mainly concerning for males as they are linked to infertility in men. BPA has been established as causing hormone imbalance and it has been associated with neurological illnesses and different types of cancers. Utilizing plastic free drink bottles can assist you in avoiding these ailments.

The Convenience Comes with a Price Tag

As damaging as plastics are to humans, global pollution of plastic puts each person at risk of unwanted exposure. Even though plastic water bottles are inexpensive, disposable and convenient, they also wreak havoc on our ecosystem. In reality, much of the severe health conditions attributed to the hazardous components in plastic could be caused by the overwhelming amount of plastic in our environment.

Every year, the ocean receives tons of plastic waste. The mixture of ultra violet light from the sun and the salt from the ocean causes plastic to breakdown and cause the release of Phthalates, PCBs, DDT and BPA into the water. These chemicals are absorbed by small marine life and they ultimately progress along the food supply chain.

Studies have revealed that plastic pollution affects every ocean in the world. Additionally, various experts have concluded that plastic contamination is the bleakest issue the planet is currently faced with. Plastic chemicals were discovered in the Antarctic, below 30 feet of ice and human beings don’t even live there; it was previously viewed as being untouched by plastic waste.

The Threat

Plastic consumption continues to escalate at an alarming rate. Annually, trillions of plastic products are discarded and left to degrade over a thousand years or so. During that time, dangerous chemicals are consistently being released into groundwater, soil and the sea.

Every square mile of the sea has an estimation of 46,000 plastic pieces just floating around. At the degree at which plastic is used and thrown away and the time the material takes to disintegrate, it is not difficult to see that overuse of plastic is on its way to becoming the biggest health and environmental problem.

Plastic Free Drink Bottles

Water bottles are definitely not the sole source of plastic waste; however, they are a primary source of plastic exposure better use a plastic free drink bottles. Dangerous hormone-disrupting chemicals from these water bottles can ooze straight into the water they store. Exposure to light or heat can expedite this process and this is also true for the period the water is stored in the bottle. Think about using glass or stainless steel bottles for your water.

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