Pole & Pole Clothing

Pole dancing combines many different styles and influences. Power, aesthetics, dance, flexibility and charisma are the basic elements of this sport. The individually fitting Pole & Pole Clothing helps you to feel comfortable and to achieve better performance.

The clothes are typically tight and short due to the need to stick with the skin on the pole. Nevertheless, functionality also plays a big role in Pole Dance clothing. At the crucial moment, everything must be covered and your outfit should fit perfectly. Nobody wants to show more than necessary with a lavish figure on the Pole Dance pole. Conventional sportswear does not always offer sufficient protection against slipping.

The ideal pole dancing outfit should not just sit well. It is also something for the eye. And you should feel comfortable in it and showcase your charisma. You are guaranteed to find something regardless of your personal style.

When buying your outfit for poles, you have to be careful, on the one hand, that enough skin is free of fabric and on the other hand, the pants should be suitable for acrobatic tricks.

To stick to the pole, you first need the resistance of your arms and legs. In other words, you need a short T-shirt and shorts that provide enough bare skin and consequently hold. At later difficulty levels, you will also be making moves that require the skin resistance of your waist or armpit. Therefore, many pole dancers train exclusively in a sports bra instead of shirt.

Pole Dancing combines many acrobatic elements with dance. For example, some figures include a splits or similar movements. Therefore, no running pants are suitable for this training, since they are not designed for such movements. You can buy your Pole & Pole Clothing online, in specialized trade outlet or in sports shops. Basically, you can also wear a basic T-shirt and leggings or sweatpants at first, but this will not be possible at later levels as you will need resistance for the pieces.

In general, you should also be able to wear normal sportswear, which you can buy in a sports shop of your choice or on Amazon. If you want to buy proper clothes, you can turn to Pole & Pole.

Most of your sportswear is made of so-called functional fabrics, some of which include particularly absorbent plastics. Cotton fabrics, on the other hand, are less absorbent and therefore unsuitable for classic sportswear. Nevertheless, they are used in dance or yoga clothing because you sweat less in these sports and thus a cotton fabric is sufficient.

The majority of Pole Dance clothing is made of functional fabrics, but there is also clothing made of cotton.

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