Popular Custom Hats Ideas You Should Know Before Visiting Australia

There are two beautiful things in this world — the City of Miami and a sleek, classic hat. No doubt, if you want to pull your outfit together, a hat will be more than happy to do that for you. What’s more, you can customize yours to have a bold message or character of its own. Custom hats Australia are versatile and timelesswhich is why you should have several in your closet throughout the year. To help you get started, here are some popular custom merchandise ideas worth considering before you take a trip to Australia.

Go for simple, minimalistic designs

Whether you want a bucket hat, beanie, or a dad hat, having a simple design speaks volumes. In essence, minimalistic hat designs allow for ease of embroidery and have an overall finished look. Try as much as possible to avoid minute, detailed designs unless you aren’t particularly keen on having it embroidered.

Centered designs

To compliment your look with your custom hat, have your design right in the middle of your hat and then extend it outward from there. Otherwise, you might end up looking lopsided while adorning your heart.

Add a side logo on your cap

Want a polished look as you roam the Australian beaches? Add a small logo on the side of your custom hat Australia. This could be anything really- your company’s initials or a tiny logo of something important to you; provided it can fit in the side of your cap. Use flat embroidery here rather than 3D puffs for the design. You can have the logo on either side of your cap or just a single side. If you are up to it, do away the front embroidery altogether and have the side embroidery only.

Make it colorful

Who said a dad hat can only be white, brown, grey, or black? Or that it shouldn’t have a pop of color? You are going to Australia! You need to bring some color with you. The rule of thumb with multiple hat colors is that you must ensure that they have large details that can allow for efficient sewing.

A custom hat creates a stunning fashion statement whether you are hanging out with friends or taking a selfie on your Australian vacation. Use these design ideas to create a unique and elegant hat that compliments your look no matter what you are wearing. If you are a DIY person, head to many shops selling custom merchandise in Australia and choose the type of hat that suits your taste and preferences.

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