Proper Ways To Store Hotel Linens

Keeping hotel linens in their pristine condition is a must. They should be stored strategically to preserve the quality of fabric and color. It is not good to have some linens staying for long in the drawers while others are in constant rotation. There is no one better to consult than expert hotel linen suppliers on the subject of storage. Improving the shelf life of the materials could be a few steps away.

Bed and Bath

It is important to keep linens in their right places but in an attractive way. The visual appeal of a hotel room is critical. Clean sheets and pillowcases that have been folded may be stored in drawers or vinyl under-bed cases. Then they can be lined with sweet-smelling shelf paper and rigged out with casters to roll smoothly under the bed. As for storage of towels, wire shelving over the bath tub or on the wall comes in handy.

Sideboard and Pantry

Dishtowels deserve a dedicated kitchen drawer. Alternatively, a wicker picnic basket on a cabinet shelf can keep them organized. The other handy location to store the basket with dishtowels is on top of a refrigerator. Shelves and sideboard drawers are great storage choices for place mats, runners, napkins, and tablecloths. Consider a vividly painted sideboard to stash dining linens and kitchen cloths.

The Linen Closet

Clean laundry that is not in use requires a decent place for unpacking. It is good to have labels for various locations from the bathroom to the bedroom. Labelling makes it easier for the housekeepers to put items where they belong. All linens should be stored in designated closets or baskets. Adjustable closets allow more room for comforters and towels.


When linens are stored at the back of a trunk or closet, they tend to have an unpleasant odor which can be avoided by the use of sachets. The sachet bag should be white in color to prevent any case of color bleeding. Scented drawer liners can serve the same purpose.

Streamlined Storage

Storage space must look neat and organized. The linen should not seem overcrowded. Stacking up three sheets per bed and a few towels is ideal.

The reputation and success of a luxury hotel depend on the guest experience. A sparkling room with well-organized and comfy bed linen creates a relaxed atmosphere. The bed sheets are among the first items that clients notice and this can affect their mood in various ways. For this matter, it is imperative to consult the best hotel linen suppliers in town to find exceptional and long lasting materials that will impress visitors.

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