Reasons For Investing In Aluminium Wheel Chairs

Many people are in constant need of using a wheelchair. While some may be immobile due to accidents and some may have been born immobile. Whichever the cause, the affected persons have to purchase a new wheelchair, or replace and old damaged one. In such cases, they will need to consider which material is best when buying. Aluminium Wheel Chairs have proven to be popular.

There are many kinds of wheelchairs available in the market, and one will have to look at certain factors when purchasing. These factors are cost, durability and mobility. Apart from titanium and steel, aluminium is the other material that is used in making these chairs. Note that each material has certain advantages over the other.

Advantages of using aluminium

1) Light-weight

People who are constantly in a wheelchair will need something that is light in weight for easy movement. Sometimes they may need to go up a ramp. Those with the manual ones may require someone to push them physically, and so it is good if the chair frame is light in weight. This is one aspect that makes aluminium a good material to use for the frame. It is also easy to use when constructing and shaping it.

2) Durability

Although it is light in weight, aluminium is also very strong and perfect for heavy-duty structures. You want to have a wheelchair that is strong to safely hold the weight of an adult. These chairs are mostly made from a combination of silicon, magnesium and aluminium. Aluminium increases the strength and durability of the structure. When getting a wheelchair you will also need one that will be corrosion resistant and withstand high pressure situations. Aluminium offers all these good characteristics.

3) Cost effectiveness

One of the major things that make aluminium a popular material is its cost. It is the most affordable choice when manufacturing wheelchairs, as it is readily affordable and easy to work with. This is another added advantage especially to the person who needs to purchase it as its cost will also be low. These chairs are also the best option, especially if you need to put it in and out of a car. Compared to a steel frame, aluminium is much easier to lift and transport, hence convenient even for trips.


It is good to research widely when seeking to buy Aluminium Wheel Chairs as there are some good imitations. If possible, one can go to the company that makes the genuine chairs and place an order. A good imitation might cost less while purchasing, but more in maintenance and repair. The call is all yours.

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