Seeking Options For Testosterone Therapy

Men and sometimes women are prone to low testosterone as a disease. This hormone has many effects on the body, not just on muscle and body hair. A person with low testosterone therapy often experiences poor sex drive as well as emotional issues. While there are natural ways to deal with low testosterone, sometimes the only viable fix is testosterone therapy by a qualified doctor.

It is possible to find this treatment online. While a general doctor at a hospital might direct the patient towards a specialist, they can also be found directly through an online directory. This might actually be the most effective way to go because a specialist is more effective at diagnosing low testosterone. Circumstantial evidence might be low muscle development, but only a blood test can tell for sure.

The good news is that forms of low testosterone can be fixed. One way is to exercise more or to make a shift in diet to promote higher production of androgens by the body. On top of this, the doctor might prescribe testosterone pills or shots until a body’s natural production is brought back to normal. If there is a problem with the adrenal gland or the gonads, then taking a supplement might be a permanent solution.

Without a doubt, testosterone affects a lot of things. The male body is meant to have a higher percentage of muscle and a lower percentage of fat. Reduced testosterone can contribute to the accumulation of fat and a slower metabolism. It can also reduce bone density and red blood cell production. A guy with lower testosterone might also have less self-confidence because androgens help with his mood.

There are risks with having more testosterone, such as circulatory complications. The body reduces its testosterone production with age in part because it reduces the stress on an aging body. This might go too far, and an aging man might need testosterone or some type of steroid because it is actually good for a condition he might have. Whether to treat a disease or to promote masculinity, a doctor can prescribe the best androgen solution.

Patients should do what they can to promote their own health. This means eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and getting a lot of exercise in order to promote natural testosterone and control their body fat percentage. Being overweight can contribute to estrogen production in a man, so a doctor might prescribe more steps than to take a supplement.

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