Shower Screen Glass Sydney

Shower screen glass Sydney enclosures are typically made with a number of different kinds of glass. They include frosted glass, standard clear glass, rain glass, gray glass and bronze glass. There are strict laws in Australia that govern the attributes and characteristics of the glass that can be used to create shower screens.

Two types of glass are used during the manufacturing process of shower screens. They are laminated safety glass and toughened safety glass. They both have unique properties matched to the category of the shower screen.

Laminated safety glass is used to make fully-framed shower screens. A PVC film is sandwiched between the panes of glass to prevent it from breaking into large sharp pieces. Toughened safety glass is used when making semi-frameless and frameless shower screens. A high-temperature heating process is used to toughen the glass.

These shower glass doors can also be made from glass of varying widths, even though, to a certain degree, this is determined by whether it is a framed, semi-frameless or frameless unit. “Heavy glass” is usually used in reference to the thickest glass and it is used to make some semi-frameless and all frameless units.

When the unit is framed, thinner glass can be used as the frame adds both structural support and provides protection for the vulnerable corners and edges of the tempered glass. One of the major appeals of thinner glass is the fact that it is considerably more cost effective. However, this has not seemed to diminish the enthusiasm of many homeowners for frameless units regardless of the higher price tag.


As it relates to tempered shower glass, contemporary homeowners can select from among a variety of textures and looks as well. Plain clear glass is, in fact, an extremely hot item at present; however, the alternatives include:

• Patterned glass
• Frosted glass
• Cast glass
• Colored glass

Privacy glass that lessens visibility by means of heavy texturing or frosting is commonly used in high traffic bathrooms such as those that are shared by siblings.


Another variable you should address when thinking about the types of glass that you want to use for shower screen glass is protection. When a new shower screen glass is installed in a bathroom, the homeowner, for the most part, does not want to be forced to spend a lot of effort and time to keep it clean. This significantly contributes to the popularity of the frameless units as they have fewer crevices and nooks to clean and this pulls a number of consumers toward glass that have a protected surface.

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