Signs Showing Your Car Battery Needs Checking

There is nothing worse than leaving the house in a hurry to go somewhere, only to find out that your car battery is dead. In such a situation, you can either jumpstart the ride yourself, call a jump start service in Singapore, or replace it. Even so, a problematic battery shows you from the word go that you’re in for a lot of trouble.

Here are tell-tale signs that ought to jilt you into checking out your vehicle’s battery:

1. Engine Cracking and No start

It is commonplace for car engines with wanting batteries to turn over or crank when you turn the ignition key. Sometimes it may be other issues like the starter, but 94% of the time, it’s the battery that has issues. It is especially the case when an engine is cranking fairly vigorously. Luckily, you can get your car running by using a jump-starter box or jumper cables.

2. No Lights, No Crank, No Start

A car that is experiencing these signs may be having a dead battery. Batteries are responsible for powering lights and other vehicle accessories. Therefore, there is a very high chance that your car has battery problems if it seems void of life signs. Problems in the alternator can also lead to no-life signs, which is why you should employ a jump-start service in Singapore to identify why your car won’t start.

3. Intermittent Problems Starting the Car

Another indicator of battery problems is when your car starts well and doesn’t start at all, on different days. Usually, the source of trouble may be a parasitic draw, where a component is draining the battery, or you have broken, calcified, corroded, or loose terminals. Using DIY methods, check to ensure that your terminals are securely and firmly fit. It is also advisable to hire a professional in case it is a parasitic draw.

4. Old Age

The average life span of a car battery is usually three years. So, when yours has reached the 3-year mark, at the very least, let a professional inspect its current condition on a yearly basis. If it is constantly giving you problems, consider replacing it.

A battery is quite a crucial component in every vehicle. When your battery is dead, your trip is over. To avoid unwanted surprises when hitting the road, it is vital to realize signs that show a beat down battery. When you spot any of the above pointers, make sure to call a professional who will advise you. Sometimes it may seem like a battery needs replacement, but you only need to jump-start the car.

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