Silicone Gripped Leggings For Ladies

Silicone Gripped Leggings for Ladies.

These leggings and riding tights offers:

  • Seats that are full-grip silicone.
  • Moisture Wicking properties of premium stretch
  • Pockets for your phone.
  • A wide variety of colors and styles

All these offering you a perfect and stylish entrance on your next competition event or equestrian day.

How is the silicone applied to these breaches?

Well. much like screen printing applications, the same way silicone is applied to the breeches in many layers from three to ten layers, one at a time to build up the silicone layers and texture.

The more layers the better the quality and durability of the breeches and silicone patch.

This process of using Silicone Gripped Leggings on the breeches has become quite popular lately compared to the old ways of adding different types of materials on the breeches to prevent the slipping and sliding, like the use of suede on the seat of the breeches.

How is the procedure done on the Jodphurs?

Just like the breeches the Jodphurs silicone also gets applied like the screen printing process.

What they usually do is cut the pattern (known as a scared, the pattern of the Jodphurs) out and apply a layer of silicone and is set aside to dry. And so they will make more and more layers on the screeds, and just like the breaches, it will also have from three to ten layers depending on the quality required as well as durability.

When we look at the type of leggings and what is preferred as per the silicone required areas all depend on the rider’s personal preference and riding styles. as some prefer the full-seated silicon grips whereas others prefer to tackle their riding with knee-grips as they find the seat grips a hindrance


To maintain a jump or two-point position, it is a great advantage to have the knee grips which silicone applied similar to the breeches but on the inside of the knees, as this helps you control your steed even more through these moves.

These are mainly used by show jumpers and hunt riders (but may still include the breeches as well for maximum grip)

As silicone may reduce breathability and stretchability of the fabric and the fact that the more silicone you have the more you will stick to any surface without much movement, which means that the pattern that is used on the breeches is very important.

  • GOOD: small patterns with more spacing is required
  • BAD: huge and intricate patterns with almost no spacing a big NO!

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