Situations That Call For A VRI Interpreter

Video remote interpreting or VRI is a form of communication designed to help people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or limited in English proficiency. It works as interpretation on-demand wherein the professional is called in to provide the service from a distant location right away using video. The interpreter bridges the gap in communication between participants who are in the same room. It is different from VRS in which the participants are in different locations. VRI has multiple applications and the field is growing year by year. Below are just some of the most common situations that call for a VRI interpreter:

Medical Emergencies

When patients are rushed into the emergency room, there is no time to waste. Doctors need to get information about their condition as soon as possible. If they have deaf patients, then communication is extremely difficult. Calling for an onsite interpreter can take too much time. However, they can always use VRI for instant communication assistance. The doctor will speak to the patient. The interpreter, having heard the doctor, will repeat what was said in sign language. The patient or the loved one will see this and respond accordingly. This simple system can save a life.

Legal Consultations

The same principle can apply in legal settings. Every individual deserves to know his rights. When talking to a lawyer, VRI can help the deaf and those with limited English tremendously. Interpreters can make people understand the intricacies of the law as explained by lawyers. Their condition won’t cause further handicaps when it comes to their rights and privileges. They should be able to make informed decisions when it comes to important matters regarding their assets, their family, their taxes, and other matters within the legal domain. This allows them to safeguard their future.

Office Meetings

Regular office meetings can benefit from VRI if there are employees who are hard of hearing. They will feel included in the conversation thanks to this setup. They will always understand the discussions and may contribute to it as well. VRI should also prove to be useful when having business meetings with deaf persons. It shows the company’s sensitivity to their disabled clients and customers. It earns them loyalty and gratitude that few business enjoy. Going the extra mile can help their bottom line as well.

The VRI interpreter is a vital link in all types of communications with the deaf.

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