Six Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas

When you think of wedding reception entertainment, the first things that spring to mind are nice food, lovely friends and a good band. Nonetheless, wedding entertainment has now evolved to a whole new level. Grooms and brides across Australia are choosing entertainment that reflects their personalities, their interests or evokes memorable past events to share with their attendees. Here’s some unique wedding entertainment ideas to inspire you:

Classical Singing Groups

There’s no date you look forward to more than your wedding date. A great way to enhance this emotional and dramatic atmosphere is to hire some classically trained singers. Their spine tingling vibrato and impressive vocal range will make your occasion feel profound. Moreover, their traditional appearance and elegant style will inject a dash of sophistication to the day.

Cocktail Mixing Classes

Cocktails and fun go hand in hand — however the guests at your wedding will enjoy them even more if they learn how to mix them themselves! Book a mixologist to provide the lowdown on daiquiris and mojitos. Take care to screw the cocktail shaker lid on tightly though.

Ambient Entertainment acts

Ambient entertainers are sure to amaze your guests, who will marvel at the strolling jugglers, fire eaters and stilt walkers when they reach the venue. This creates a great mood and ensures that everyone is ready to celebrate from the outset.

A Live Music and DJ Combination act

This is a good option if you want both live music and a DJ at your wedding. A combination act reduces the price and inconvenience of hiring two different performers. Convenience is not the only benefit of these acts, however. Their original fusion of live sounds and DJ tracks made them one of 2018’s most notable entertainment trends.

Firework Displays

Crowds always respond positively to fireworks. Nowadays, due to technological developments in firework products, you can create outdoor displays with sparklers, or indoor displays with pyrotechnics and special lighting (always agree this with the venue beforehand though).

Tables That are Alive

Finally, one excellent way to make your wedding stand out is to dress your tables in wonderful costumes. You heard that right – because these tables are actually alive, with human centrepieces! Mixing practicality with amazing designs, these tables can be themed for virtually all weddings – such as traditional white, Bollywood and 1920s vintage. Upon arrival, your guests will be greeted by tables adorned with champagne glasses, and a host incorporated into the middle ready to take them inside. This breaks the ice really well and provides a memorable welcome.

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