Stylish Ladies Summer Hats

On the long, hot days of summer, safeguarding your skin against the sun is essential. Wearing cute ladies summer hats is a great way to get this done. Hats protect the skin from becoming sunburned and if you happen to be having a bad hair day, it can also hide your hair. In addition, they can complete the look you are going for at the moment. Below are some remarkable hats that are ideal for the summer:

Floppy Hats

They are arguably the epitome of summer hats. These wide-brimmed head gears offer maximum sun protection. Additionally, they can be worn to many different events. The size makes floppy hats over the top; therefore, it is best to wear them when you will be exposed to direct sunlight.

Cowboy Hats

These hats are a huge hit with individuals living in the south and many northerners have a thing for cowboy hats as well. They add a bit of country flair to your outfit and they are also available with cute patterns. An adorable cowboy hat with cheetah print can be used to combine cute and country. This will help you to pull off a fun, stylish and summery look. This is a favorite type of summer hat for many.


These bring a demure look to any outfit. Fedoras are suave and with this unisex look, you can easily pull off matching outfits with your honey. There are many different styles of fedoras and as such, they can be easily mixed and matched with any outfit. They could be mod, girly or plain. This classic style can be made more summery by adding a bow.

Bucket Hats

These days, ladies’ bucket hats are nothing like the ones dads used to wear when they go fishing. There are many adorable ones available in bright summer colors and some have lovely patterns. Furthermore, they function well in shielding you from the sun.

Boater Hats

These classic, glam hats are incredibly cute, flirty and can bring girlish charm to just about any outfit. Southern belles have mastered the art of pulling off these hats. If you would like to up the ante on glam and standout from the crowd, you can try out this style.

Snapbacks (Trucker Hats)

For those occasions when you would just like to be comfortable, snapbacks will be just fine. The mesh back is remarkable for allowing your head to breathe. They are ideal for a laidback kind of day and provide an athletic, tomboyish look. You can find ones that are not too masculine and not super ‘girly’ either.

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