The Bamboo Weighted Blanket And Its Applications

Blankets have been around since time immemorial. Every culture has their own preferred materials and designs. They are primarily used to provide warmth during cold nights. Over time, specialized blankets have been created with extended functions. Some like bamboo weighted blankets have even been used for therapy for those dealing with certain mental health issues. Fortunately, these are no longer confined to the clinics. They can be found almost anywhere from online and physical retailers. These are available in a wide variety of weights, colors, patterns, and materials. These weighted blankets may just be the products that you are looking for.

A Comforting Hug

Weighted blankets range from just a few pounds to several dozen pounds to suit the needs of the user. Getting something that is around a tenth of a person’s weight is recommended but personal preferences also apply. Just be careful about giving such a heavy blanket to a small child as this may be overwhelming. This is supposed to feel like a comforting hug that you can feel all around you as you sleep. Just like actual hugs, they can induce your body to release oxytocin which should make you feel better almost immediately.

A Calming Tool

This is highly recommended to people who are dealing with anxiety and nervous habits. It can provide a calming effect, especially for kids. Users can be filled with a feeling of safety and relaxation. Their mind can be more silent as their worries fade away into the background. Oxytocin is known to reduce blood pressure and heart rate. These physical changes influence the mind. The blankets may also help in releasing more serotonin which is a hormone that is associated with happiness. Unlike the usual hug, this one lasts for a long time which also means prolonged benefits.

A Better Sleep

The positive effects of a weighted blanket can best be seen in people with sleeping disorders. Many prefer this over sedatives and other forms of medication because those might have unwanted side effects. Of course, one cannot pin all hopes on the blankets alone. A person must also do the right things to induce sleep such as staying away from digital screens, bright lights, loud sounds, bad odors, or anything that might distract. Sleep quality can improve as long as all these are done, in addition to the use of the blanket.

Choose a suitable bamboo weighted blanket for your needs and your preferences.

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