The Benefits Of Dedicated Fleet Services

Your business will benefit a lot if you use dedicated fleet services. This transport solution comes with a dedicated team of drivers. They work only for one customer at a time. The drivers will become familiar with your transportation needs, delivery times and routes. You will not face difficulty in finding drivers during the times when they are high in demand. There will be no driving manpower problems during the peak shipment operations. There are many other benefits of having a dedicated driver team at your service.

Why Choose a Dedicated Fleet Solution?

The fleet operating team takes complete responsibility of your goods transportation needs. It leaves you to focus on your core processes. You do not have to arrange vehicles from different sources and deal with multiple transport companies. Your transportation and delivery jobs will be handled by a single team. You are free to add or remove the number of drivers you need in your team. Use only those services you need. Handle peak demands without any issue. It leads to cost savings that cannot be realized by other ways. This solution is integrated with your existing setup.

Minimum Liability Maximum Profits

By outsourcing your transportation jobs to a dedicated transport company, you reduce your liability toward the drivers, vehicles and other related infrastructure. You do not have to worry about insurance coverage for the drivers and the vehicles. There are no issues of hiring and retention of the drivers. A large area for storing and servicing the vehicles is not needed. You are assured of guaranteed capacity utilization and predictable rates. A dedicated fleet services provider gives you guarantee of 100% fleet uptime. It offers highly competitive service rates.

Sustainable Freight Operation

Shippers, manufacturers, sellers and distributors are no longer satisfied only with the basic services. They want value added services. They also want the service provider to have social responsibility. The trucking company has all such programs in place to meet these latest expectations from its customers. Its green freight practices match the sustainable transport goals. It achieves these objectives in other ways as well. It utilizes collaborative distribution model and efficient inventory management to reduce its carbon footprint. Smart technology solutions are used to reduce the needs for paper forms, invoices and reports. Many vehicles operate on eco-friendly fuels like CNG that releases less greenhouse gas emission.

Make your distribution network efficient, economical and eco-friendly. It is possible to compete with major online distribution networks. Just use this nifty solution to overcome the transport barriers.

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