The Benefits Of Historical Fiction Books

Historical fiction books is the creative writings that cover the events of ancient times. The books were usually written 30-50 years after the events however some recorded live events. Most historical fiction novels are based on thorough research conducted by specialists and as such, they can be regarded as more realistic.

Nonetheless, genre-bending novels recorded magical realism and a bit of fantasy aimed at interpreting our past for better understanding. The period in which the novel was written and the recordings of the historical events of the time take the central role as the plot twists or story characters. Different authors at different times emerged and presented their fiction to educate, warn, predict the future and as well entertain their readers. Below is a list of some wonderful historical fantasies articulated by different authors.

All the Light We cannot See by Anthony Doerr is among the best historical fiction books of all times. The book is all about a blind French and Germany boy’s paths stroke France as the two individuals tried to evade the devastation of the second world war. Marie-Laure flew with the most valuable and perilous jewel of the Museum Natural History to France. On the other hand, Werner the orphan was busy repairing radios that aided the Germans to trail the battle. In the book, Doerr bountifully intertwines the stories.

The Color Purple by Alice Walker is set between the deep South American wars. Here, Celia, a young black girl born in a poor background and subjected to segregation leads a though life as she is raped frequently. Her two children are snatched, and she is parted from her sister Nettie and later ensnared in her weird marriage. Fortunately, she meets Shug Avery a magic maker and singer who control her destiny.

Shogun by James Clavell fiction is about an English explorer, beautiful woman, and a Japanese warlord. Shogun is a tale of place and time that was set in the 17th century in Japan alive with confrontation, lust, power, and passion.

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy historical fiction cover in depth the Napoleon wars and their effects on the five Russian aristocrats with their families. The tale moves amid characters and scenes, and at one point it discusses a Moscow drawing room. In another aspect, the historical fiction underscores on the brutality and chaos of the Napoleonic wars.

In summary, fiction stories present carefully interwoven writings covering different topics. The stories warn, educate, entertain and foretell the impending future. Also, they help us understand our past and our culture with ease.

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