The Best Places To Sell Your Mobile Phone

If you want to sell your phone, you should know the best place to sell your phone. This is important because there is no point in trying to market your mobile phone in places where you are not likely to get any buyers. The best places to sell your handset are schools, restaurants, cyber cafes and shopping centers. You can also sell your phone to dealers of both used and brand new phones.


If you want to sell your phone in a school, you should target universities and colleges. The students here are young and they always need a smart phone for social media and other internet activities. As long as your phone is in good shape, you can easily find a university student to buy it from you. However, you should bargain well with the prospective buyer so that you get the perfect deal.


If you have a restaurant where you always enjoy your favorite meals, you can offer your phone for sale here. Your chances of selling your phone in a restaurant are bright because the people here know you and will buy the phone from you without hesitation. Again, a restaurant makes a lot of sense because people from all walks of life patronize restaurants. This makes it very easy to find your prospective buyer here.

Cyber Cafes

If you have a habit of visiting cyber cafes, you can sell your phone at your favorite cafe. Just tell some people you always meet at the cafe that you have a mobile phone for sale. Discuss the features of the phone and state your asking price. You are likely to get a deal if the terms are right. You might even give the phone to the owners of the cafe and they will help you see the best place to sell your phone.

Shopping Centers

Selling your phone at a shopping center makes sense because there are always prospective buyers here. Discuss the deal with the people who run the shopping center and offer them a good price for the phone. They will get a buyer for you without delay.

Phone Dealers

Now, it does not matter if your mobile phone is brand new, used or almost brand new. Talk to a mobile phone dealer and give the dealer a reasonable price for the phone. This dealer will help you get a buyer and even persuade customers to buy your phone. Of course, you should offer the dealer a small percentage to facilitate the deal.

Final Word

Selling your mobile phone is relatively easy if you know where the prospective buyers are. Try the places above and you will sell your phone without much delay.

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