The Black Eye Contacts

With the contact lens becoming a major part in the makeup industry whether for modelling, acting or just plain weekend Comicon enthusiasts, the use of the Black Eye Contacts has become a “norm” in character portrayal and representation.

But there are pros and cons to the use of these type of lenses such as:


  • THE EXACTNESS OF THE EYE: many users of these tools like actresses and actors, use it to get the exact likeness of the character they want to portray just right as it is demanded by the moviegoer and the eyes should always be the same as the character for many reasons.
  • EASY TO USE: as it is an external medical device (and non-permanent) it can be inserted and removed with ease and without affecting the eye itself in any negative way.
  • WITH THE INCREASE IN INTEREST IN THESE LENSES, TECHNOLOGY HAS ALSO INCREASED IN THE PRODUCTION QUALITY: as this is a device that is inserted in or on one of the bodies most important organ, the eye, technology has not only produced exact replicas but the quality in health and safety has surpassed many’s expectations as it can affect your vision negatively if a bad quality product is used, sometimes even permanently.
  • MORE USER-FRIENDLY: when inserting a contact lens two of the main precautions to consider are the color and the material used. The color because if it is too dark, as you must see through it, you can strain your eyes trying to see through it and the material because not only must it allow the eyeball to breathe but the type of material will affect the use of colors like black as the need to see through dark colors is affected by the material which in turn affects your ability to see properly. But as the industry has driven technology to improve on all aspects of producing the best quality and safe product available to date, it has become one of the most user-friendly products to date.


  • HIGH DEMAND CAUSED FLY BY NIGHT PRODUCTS: as the market for these black lenses has risen so has the market for fake and poorly produced lenses. As many characters have the eyes that need black lenses has been on the increase and so the has the users of these black lenses for special occasions such as Comicon, Cosplay and fancy dress parties, hence the increase in fly by night suppliers which does not guarantee a safe and healthy product, as they are only in it to make a quick buck and then disappear. So always be aware of where you get your Black Eye Contacts.

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