The Cost Of Hiring A Food Truck Catering Service In Florida

Lately, food trucks have been used to offer catering services in Florida. They are popular at weddings, graduation parties, and corporate events. With food truck catering Florida, you don’t have to worry about what you’ll eat or who will serve you as everything is planned in advance. Moreover, the service is professionally rendered by expert chefs and a friendly waiting team. The only concern is the cost. In reality, you cannot put a fixed quote on a catering truck service. However, there is room for estimations. You are bound to spend $20-$30 per guest. But before this quote is arrived at, a few elements have to be factored in. They include:

1. Guest Size

You cannot approach a food truck catering company without a guest size. How many people do you expect to attend the event? There are companies that have flat rates for a minimum guest size. For example, you may pay at least $600 per food truck with each truck serving 60-80 guests.

2. The Menu

This is where the budget is. The more the expected guests, the more the spending. Most trucks in Florida are owned by catering service providers. So, the cost depends on the specialties that you select. For example:

• Tacos or sandwiches: A minimum of $14 per guest

• Hummus bar: A minimum of $8 per guest

• Cheesesteaks: A minimum of $15 per guest

There are other companies that allow you to create your own menu depending on what your guests prefer. With your list, they are able to give you cost estimates.

3. The Extras

In addition to the main item on the menu, your guests will need drinks. For non-alcoholic beverages, you should plan to spend $2 to $3 per guests. But the costs are higher for alcoholic beverages since you’ll also need a bartender to serve you.

4. Operations Cost

Lastly, some food truck companies charge an extra fee which is added to the final quote. They call it the operations fee and it caters for overhead charges and fuel.

5. Hours

While there are trucks in Florida that charge based on guests, others do hourly structures (and may require you to commit a certain number of hours). The amount that you are likely to pay will, therefore, depend on how long you want the food truck to serve your guests.

Generally, the price of hiring food truck catering Florida can be adjusted depending on your expectations. At least, you don’t have to worry about the food when you are out celebrating. The trucks are flexible and thus suit any kind of venue.

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