The Evolution Of Costume Jewellery

With so many options for jewellery online, it can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to shopping. A person is constantly looking for something unique, yet affordable. There are so many different directions to go, but above all else, a person must really like the item they are considering.

For the most part, costume jewellery is a little bit different than fine jewellery. The main difference is that the pieces are meant to compliment at fashion costume or setup. These pieces of jewelry are often pretty affordable, and it becomes even more affordable when shopping online.

There are a lot of different types of costume jewellery options out there, but sometimes, they can best be found by different periods of time in the past. In the 1920s and 1930s, many referred to it as the Art Deco period. It was a way to combine mass production with art and design. Characteristics such as free-flowing curves, long pendants, cocktail rings, bangle bracelets and accessory items that seemed way too unnecessary dominated the scene.

By the Great Depression and World War II, the Art Deco period was essential over. People moved on to costume jewellery that fell in the category of the Retro Period. This merged natural materials with plastics. The whole look was very American, since the war in Europe caused a lot of manufacturers to either shut down or at least stop productivity for a bit. The Retro Period could be defined by its glamour and elegance across the board. Things such as flowers, bows and other louder designs had a very American type of look. There were even some pieces that had military influence as well.

The Art Modern Period took over, mainly in the 1950s, once the Retro Period was on its way out. Big and bold was starting to not be what people really wanted with costume jewellery. Instead, people were opting for traditional wear that was tailored and understated. There were still chances to be bold, but for the most part jewellery cut right to the point. Charm bracelets, pins, rhinestones and more were beautiful, but designed in a way to look elegant and more professional like than in the past.

Trends come and go, but costume jewellery online is easy to find no matter what type of era one is shopping for these days. With so many options, there isn’t one distinct look that is preferred over the other right now. Most people just end up going with whatever they like at this point in their life. Chances are, it is being sold somewhere.

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