The Fabric Grow Pots

What are Fabric Grow Pots made of?

Also known as smart fabric grow pots, these pots are made of black or tan non-woven polypropylene material, with the black color acting as a heating source for growth and this material not only releases this heat naturally but allows for breathing.

With a general life span of up to five years and sometimes longer, depending on how much sunlight it gets exposed to, how you clean or store it, how and what it used for.

It comes in a variety of sizes and with handles for moving and storing as well as in many different styles and designs.

Do these pots have a circling root problem?

As most pot plants’ roots grow around and around the inner perimeter of the pot in search of air creating a suffocating and unhealthy environment for the plant and eventually choking the plant to death, these material pots eliminates this process completely as the material itself is breathable and gives you plant a longer lease of life.

Are these pots safe for edible plants?

Yes they are very safe, as the material used in the manufacture of these pots are BPA and lead-free and does not contain any other harmful contaminants or chemicals, which makes this the ideal pot to use when wanting to grow edible plants and or vegetables and remain safe of BP and or other pollutants and harmful chemicals

Do these pots need drainage holes?

No, as these pots are made of fabric that is extremely porous, any excess water will drain off the pot keeping the moisture level at the exact requirement to keep the plant in peak condition and remain healthy. As Sir Isaac Newton said, what goes up must comes down, so does it go for water in a pot plant as well, which causes the water to accumulate in the bottom of a non-drainage holed pot or drainage pot in a tray, and can cause your plant to rot if the water is not removed.

They are perfect for use indoors for the plants that need repetitive feeding or watering as it dries quickly and is ready for the next water feeding sooner than normal pots.

Are these pots good for tomatoes?

They are the perfect pot to use for tomatoes, as tomatoes flourish in aerated pots, and as the fabric is lightweight and breathable it is perfect for aeration and also very easy to work with when handling these delicate plants.

One of the biggest advantages of these fabric grow pots is that once you have used them over their normal lifespan, they have one more trick up their sleeves, when done just clean and aerate and you can re-use them again for another growth season or plant life span.

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