The Lowdown On BBL Cosmetic Surgery

Lots of women (and some men) are unhappy with the appearance of their buttocks, and want to enhance them so they look more natural. BBL cosmetic surgery (or Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery) is intended to improve the shape and size of the buttocks, to produce a fuller appearance. This operation is popular with people who are insecure about their body image, and want to boost their confidence by toning up their derriere. The objective of this procedure, which is minimally invasive, is to streamline the buttocks’ contours – so the patient appears more sexually attractive.

BBL cosmetic surgery begins with liposuction, with the surgeon extracting fat from different areas of the body, before processing it and reinjecting it into the hips and buttocks. The liposuction areas (which are normally the lower back or stomach) and fat grafting outline are marked prior to surgery. After the patient is given an anesthetic and positioned face down on an operating table, liposuction is carried out in the appropriate areas. Then, the fat is placed into a specially designed system that separates liposuction fluid from live fat cells. After this, the fat is injected into the marked regions of the buttocks. Occasionally, surgeons will graft fat into the hips or thighs, based on the patient’s preferred body shape. Only a small number of tiny incisions are required with this operation, and these are stitched up once it is over.

One notable benefit of BBL surgery is that it doesn’t use implants to increase the size of the buttocks. When performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon in an approved medical facility, the operation is unlikely to cause complications and can produce results that look incredibly natural. In contrast, buttock implants often produce excessive scarring and have a longer recovery time. The results achieved with implants do not look particularly natural either.

If you are an adult with no underlying health problems, and you would like your buttocks to have contours that are more appealing, BBL surgery is a good option. You need to have enough body fat for use in the liposuction process, and you should have realistic expectations about the results from the operation. This will be covered by your surgeon, as part of your consultation, and you will get the chance to raise any questions or concerns you have. Assuming you do satisfy this criteria, Brazilian Butt Lift surgery can help you enhance your buttocks naturally, in a minimally invasive manner.

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