The Many Advantages Of Having Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

According to the Australian Safety Authorities, swimming pools that are not properly secured are the cause of many children being injured or even losing their lives. It is therefore essential that homeowners ensure that their swimming pools are properly fenced and safe at all times.

Traditionally, steel and wood are the materials most commonly used when constructing a swimming pool fence. However, glass pool fencing is fast becoming the more popular material in several areas of the country because of the many advantages it offers over fencing made from other materials.

Following are some of the many benefits of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing.

It is an effective safety barrier — as with fencing made from other materials, a glass fence is an effective safety barrier that prevents children from getting into the pool on their own. Since you can see exactly where the kids are, it is not necessary to supervise the pool area constantly to make sure that no children are getting into trouble.

Appearance — aesthetic appearance is one of the most obvious benefits of this type of fencing. Besides its visual appeal, it is safer than other opaque fencing options and it blends in perfectly with the swimming pool surrounds. It looks beautiful wherever it is installed and never looks awkward or out of place.

No edges or gaps — children tend to run and play around a swimming pool and can sometimes hurt themselves against bolts that are sticking out, as is the case with traditional fencing. However, having a frameless pool fence means that there are no edges or gaps, so children cannot get stuck in the fencing or hurt themselves on dangerous edges.

Incredibly tough — custom-manufactured glass is used to make glass fencing that is safe and will last for many, many years. It is specially toughened, strong and extremely durable, with thickness options of 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.

Easily maintained — compared to fencing made from other materials like iron, metal, chain link and so forth, a fence made from glass is a lot easier to maintain. It will not rust like metallic fencing or rot or become infested with fungus like a fence made from wood. A glass fence is easy to keep clean and maintain and never needs to be repainted or have rust or water repellent applied to keep it in good shape.

Hygienic — a rusty metal fence or a rotting or fungus-infested wooden fence can contaminate the water in the pool and make it extremely unhealthy for swimmers. There is no danger at all of this happening with Frameless Glass Pool Fencing.

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