The Search For The Best Brownie Recipe

To some finding the best brownie recipe may seem like discovering the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. After all, everyone loves a piece of brownie they can bite into and relish. Most people try at least a dozen recipes before they find the one they truly love. There are others who are just not happy with the recipes they have tried. And luckily for them, there are plenty of recipes available in cook books and on websites.

Tips on Choosing the Best Brownie Recipe

The manner in which each person cooks and bakes is quite distinct and unique. While some like to follow the recipe as closely as possible, there are bakers who like to add a little something special to the instructions. In your quest to find the most delicious best brownie recipe you need to keep some important things in mind.

The Ingredients Matter

The ingredients are the most important part of baking. And hence you need to ensure that you use high quality dark chocolate. Do keep in mind, the more cocoa in your recipe, the more intense the flavor of the brownie. Also, when baking brownies, skip the margarine and use butter. If you are using oil instead of butter, check the measurement recommended in the recipe. Usually you would use three fourth weight of the butter.

Texture and Taste

Not everyone likes their brownie dense and fudgy. Some people prefer them light, while others love it gooey. Depending on your personal preferences you should choose a recipe accordingly. For a lighter brownie that is more like a cake, the recipe will use cocoa powder instead of dark chocolate. It will also list a larger measure of flour that is to be used in the recipe. For a soft, gooey brownie, bakers like to keep the ratio of butter, eggs and dark chocolate higher than all other ingredients.

Time it Right

Once you have chosen your recipe and have all the necessary ingredients, do make sure that you are well prepared. In a rush to bake a batch of brownies people often forget to line their baking tin. And end up with brownies that are stuck to the surface of the tin.

It is vital that you bake the brownies for the exact amount of time that the recipe recommends. By ensuring that you take them out at just the right time, will help you get the right consistency. In case they are over baked and seem a little dry, you can simply add a topping.

Once the brownies are out, resist cutting them while they are hot. Just allow them to cool for a while and then place the tin in the refrigerator for about an hour. When you take the cooled tin out, you will be able to neatly slice the brownies.

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