The Truth About Medical Marijuana

For over 70 years, there has been the spread of lies and half-truths concerning medical marijuana. In 1970, the US government classified marijuana as a schedule 1 substance. That was until researchers studied CBD, the main component of medical marijuana. The recent findings concerning medical marijuana have made over 20 American states to legalize it.

Presently, many top journals and leading medical authorities including the World Health Organization, laud the benefits of CBD. Medical marijuana is not new. Hundreds of journal articles document the medical benefits of CBD.

CBD Sales

By 2020, CBD consumer sales will be over 1 billion US dollars. From 2014 to 2018, CBD sales have been increasing. Many people have started to realize the benefits of CBD pure paste.

CBD versus THC

Cannabis has THC and CBD. THC has anti-emetic, anti-tremor, analgesic, and appetite-stimulating effects. However, THC has mind-altering effects. It will cause a highness. On the other hand, CBD does not have mind-altering effects and it has more health benefits than THC.

CBD is Fascinating the Medical Community

The full medical potential of CBD has not yet been unearthed. However, the medical community has already been fascinated. Presently, the Israeli government fully supports medical marijuana. The biggest medical marijuana research center is in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Many medical practitioners who previously opposed medical marijuana are currently supporting it. One of such doctors is CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta. In a documentary aired on CNN, Dr. Gupta travels to Colorado where he finds a little girl who has benefited from medical marijuana.

The girl in the CNN documentary started having seizures after birth. By age 3, she used to have over 300 seizures in a week. She was using seven different medications that were not helping her. Those medications made her weak and she was at the point of dying. After using medical marijuana, the seizures reduced to 2-3 per month.

Cardiovascular Health

Heart disease is the leading killer in the world. Sedentary lifestyles are to blame for the increasing cases of heart disease.

According to a 2013 study by British researchers, CBD prevents vascular damage caused by inflammation and high glucose levels. CBD has anti-inflammatory effects. Thus, it has the potential to cure many diseases caused by inflammation.

Reduces pain and inflammation

The most common CBD benefit is natural pain relief. Studies show that CBD suppresses chronic inflammatory pain. A 2007 Canadian study demonstrated that a combination of THC and CBD treats neuropathic pain of multiple sclerosis.

The Bottom-Line

Medical marijuana is a political and emotionally charged issue. According to researchers, neglecting the health benefits of CBD in light of its low toxicity, lack of highness, and few side effects, is simply unacceptable.

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