Things To Look For In A Weighted Blanket

Breathable weighted blanket are all the rage these days. People have heard just how effective these can be at improving sleep and they are eager to try them out. There are countless reviews from happy owners and the positive feedback is encouraging even more converts. Maybe you are one of those who are thinking about buying your first one. There is no harm in giving it a go. Perhaps it’s what you need to reduce anxiety and sleep better. If you are set on making a purchase, then consider the following factors when evaluating the products online:


Weighted blankets are heavy by nature. You can expect them to be thick since they are filled with beads to increase their weight. The fabrics are also thicker than usual to help them stay in one piece despite the load. This can cause issues with breathability if the blanket is poorly designed and constructed. You can end up feeling too hot throughout the night, which would then make you restless instead of sleepy. Check the fabric used for the blanket. Bamboo is a breathable option that works well for this purpose. Look into the reviews for any comments regarding temperature and comfort before buying. A breathable weighted blanket is a must.


Make sure to purchase a blanket that suits your own particular needs. You can find these in different weights and the rule of thumb is to get something that is around a tenth of your bodyweight. However, some people tend to like theirs lighter or heavier than what the formula suggests. For your initial purchase, try to adhere to this rule and adjust for your next buys. Be careful about giving weighted blankets for small children because they tend to be more sensitive. There are weighted blankets for couples so check the sizes. This may require a bit of trial and error to find a piece that both partners are happy with.


Cleaning can be a chore for anything that soaks a lot of water and gets really heavy when washing. Ordinary blankets are no fun to clean in the first place. Weight blankets are even more of a headache. Lessen your burden by opting for a blanket with an included cover. Or you can buy covers separately as long as it fits the length and width. Get several with different colors so you can use one while the other is getting washed. Covers are lighter and cheaper.

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