Tips For Best Prezi Presentations

Prezi is a presentation software tool with myriad visuals and texts. Unlike other presentation software, you would not be required to make slides. You would instead be making one large Prezi and zooming in at different elements. Prezi is a popular software program, constantly improving and evolving. Even if you consider yourself a Prezi “pro”, it’s quite unlikely that you would be knowing all the ins and outs of the tool. If you use Prezi for your presentations, the following tips shall take your best Prezi presentations to another level.

Multiple Templates

Prezi offers over 50 templates to help you create complex presentations with relative ease. The visual elements found in Prezi help with telling a story, instead of being just optional components. The images found in the prebuilt templates would help you convey a message without having added any text.

3D Backgrounds

Prezi offers you vibrant 3D backgrounds. These backgrounds work with objects, texts, and frames. The templates handle the 3D effect automatically. Just insert media and allow Prezi to create its 3D spin on it. If you like, you can make custom 3D backgrounds too by editing any of the Prezi backgrounds. You can edit the background, its color, borders, text, shapes, etc. You can customize things further by using the Prezi CSS Editor.


Add more spice to your Prezi presentations by inserting videos. Prezi lets you natively insert online videos or video files stored on your computer’s hard drive. The inserted video can be edited like any other visual or text object. You may add the video to your Prezi pathway or push its layer back or front.


Prezi’s fade-in functionality lets you pack multiple visual elements in a single frame without overcrowding the space. The items begin as invisible elements and individually fade in as you go ahead with your Prezi path. Once you have inserted your images and text, you can create any number of frames you want.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Best Prezi presentations provides you multiple keyboard shortcuts that could help you with creating, editing, and showcasing Prezis. While making a Prezi, for example, you may quickly view and modify its aspect ratio with the Ctrl+Shift+M shortcut. With 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio choices, you could be certain of your Prezi looking great on any screen, be it a big-screen display or your iPad. Other shortcuts include the F key for adding a new frame and the X key for panning around.

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