Tips For Surviving Heavy Drag Queen Earrings

Architectural inspiration and abstract shapes are currently dominating most of the drag queen earrings. A simple pair of statement-making earrings will instantly make you stand out among the rest. However, heavy earrings can take a massive toll on the condition and shape of your ears, if you do not have the right tips on how to wear them. Here are tips on how best to enjoy your heavy earrings.

Distribute the Earrings Weight

The major problem with heavy earrings is not just the weight but how it is distributed. The design that comes with the designing of such earrings is that they usually put lots of pressure on a smaller portion of your ear. To solve such an issue, you can try and add a small patch along the back of the ear like an ear support patch. This will help in distributing the weight of your earring proportionally along with your ear.

Convert the Earrings into Clip-Ons

A better way of bearing the weight of any heavy stud earring is to convert it into a clip-on. The process is simple and will ensure you do not remove the earrings midday. However, it would be best if you had a converter pack that comes at an affordable price. The converter packs also come with different shades including copper, gold silver to match with your metal earrings perfectly.

Monitor the Use

Irrespective of how massive the earrings are, make it a habit of removing them immediately you reach home. This is a vital tactic, especially when it comes to heavy earrings. It helps in minimizing the extent to which the earlobes get strained or stretched.

Always Shop Smart

It’s possible that you already have a number of heavy drag queen piecing that you simply cannot live without, however, it is essential to go for lightweight options the next time you go earring shopping. Most of the heavy earrings made from wood also have a hollow space which gives you better comfort.

For someone who already has extended lobe damage brought about by wearing heavy drag queen earrings, then it is essential to seek the help of a doctor. This will help you in strengthen the earlobes through surgery. It involves the application of filler like Restylane into your lobes in order to make them plumper, stiffer, and durable. However, the following tips will ensure you do not get to this stage if adhered to.

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