Tips On Finding The Right Entertainment For Your Event In Yarra Valley

If you have an upcoming event, then it’s important to factor in the entertainment aspect of the occasion.

Entertainment helps liven up any event and will go a long way towards enhancing the mood. You can hire a live band, a DJ or a comedian to help keep everyone in high spirits throughout the event.

How to Choose Event Entertainment Yarra Valley


The first thing you want to consider before hiring any kind of entertainment is the crowd you’ll be entertaining. Consider the age of the crowd and choose appropriate entertainment for the day.


You also want to hire someone that has had enough experience performing in different events. This calls for a background check which will help you learn more about entertainers in Yarra Valley.

Style of Music

If you are looking for a certain type of music to be performed or played at your event, consider hiring someone that specializes in that genre and style. For instance, if you are interested in Jazz music, it would be easier to work with a jazz band as opposed to a band that plays different types of music.


Consider hiring someone that is located near you or your venue. This makes it easy for you to contact them when you have inquiries.


Booking early is always advised when it comes to hiring entertainment for your event. This gives you enough time to go through your requirements and properly plan for the day.


When it comes to cost, you’ll have plenty of things to consider. For starters, you’ll need to determine how long you’ll need the entertainment on the day of your event. You can either hire half day or full day entertainment. Both options will vary in cost. Most bands and DJs offer packages where you get to choose what suits you best. Well established entertainers will charge you more for their services but you are likely to get value as opposed to hiring new bands.

Special Requests

You may also want to consider going for an entertainer that accepts requests from the crowd. This gives everyone an opportunity to control the way the day goes.


It is important that you only work with someone that makes you comfortable and answers your questions patiently. If they are in the habit of keeping your calls waiting or fail to answer your questions properly, then it would be better to look elsewhere.

Reading reviews on entertainers around you will also help you understand your options in order to make an informed decision.

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