Tips To Buying A New RV

Buying a new recreational vehicle is a huge investment that requires proper planning. One of the most common mistakes people make when buying an RV is to get mesmerized by the first glamorous model they set their eyes on. Considering the fact that RVs don’t come cheap, you want to do your homework beforehand.

RVs represent an inexpensive way to enjoy the outdoors without having to spend as much on hotel accommodation. RV campgrounds charge as little as $25 for a night which is a lot cheaper than staying at a hotel. Cooking your own food will see you enjoy home cooked meals while saving money on the go.


The first thing you want to take into consideration when buying a new RV is space. This will be based on the size of your family (kids and pets) and the amount of luggage you usually carry when you go on vacations. RVs come in all sizes and shapes to suit the needs of different people. Picture yourself inside an RV and try to figure out where everything and everyone would go and then determine what would suit you best.

RV Accessories

Study shows that about 78% of new RV buyers are usually between the ages of 40 and 50 and 40% of them like to travel with children. Travelling with kids means more space is required as well as various accessories. In addition to RV kitchen accessories, you might require a central vacuum system to help clean up. Having a central vacuum system in your RV removes the need to park your own vacuum from home, thus saving space. The type of accessories to buy for your RV will be based on your own individual needs. Take time to research on all available accessories and determine what you’ll need and what you can afford.


In addition to the initial cost of the RV, you’ll need to consider maintenance cost. Just like any other vehicle, your RV will require regular maintenance tasks to ensure it serves you well for an extended period of time. The more complex an RV, the more it will cost you on upkeep.

Storage Space

Your RV will require enough space to store it when not in use. Whether it is your own home or rented parking space, you’ll need to ensure the RV will fit perfectly.

Used or New

A used RV will cost way less to buy than a new one. However, as the name suggests, this one will have been used by the previous owner and it’s your responsibility to ensure it is in the right condition. A new RV will be costly but you’ll be happy to know that you are the first person to own it and therefore take even better care of it.

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