Top 6 Simple Privacy Screen Ideas To Adopt In Corlette

There is nothing more significant than privacy and intimacy in our lives. The feeling that someone could have gazed on your private affairs is always intrusive irrespective of its nature. If you are going to enjoy some quality time on your patio, deck, porch or garden, therefore, you need a privacy screen to protect you from any potential prying eyes. For inspiration, here are top simple and low-budget privacy screens to consider:

1. Bamboo

Building a bamboo private screen is quite straightforward as all you need are thin wood strips, bamboo fencing, exterior wood strain, cup hooks, and small L brackets. Frame the bamboo using the wood strips. Ensure that the wood is strained and dry before you begin building the frame. Attach your screens to the porch with hooks and brackets.

2. Lattice panel

You can also use lattice panels to build privacy screens for your garden, deck or patio. You just need to create frames for each panel, paint or stain them then glue them to your wood frames. Drill holes on the end of your frames and put eye screws in them. Lastly, use S hooks and chains to hang them at your desired height.

3. Wood boards

If you are looking for something more solid, you should consider using wood boards. Choose the most suitable color, spacing , and dimensions. Measure and mark your boards, cut them into appropriate sizes, paint or stain them, and finally attach to suitable vertical anchor boards.

4. Wattle

This is one of the cheapest ways of building privacy screens in Corlette. The inspiration comes from England, where homeowners originally wove wattle fencing with hazel or willow branches. You can incorporate reeds, a variety of twigs, or branches to get the look that you desire.

5. Shutters

you can also use shutters to build a privacy screen. They can be of different colors and dimensions. Strive to mix and match them so as to end up with a unique design. Use your creativity to improvise and come up with something that’s outstanding and beautiful.

6. Vines

It will take you a bit of time to train vines to cover your fence or a privacy screen structure but it is something that can be done, and when the process is complete it will make your patio or garden look amazing. You can also train vines to grow on your patio roofs or pergolas.

As you can see, there are several ways of building low-budget but effective privacy screens in Corlette. All you need to do is take action and let your imagination and creativity guide you.

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