Top Wine Tips You Did Not Know!

You might be drinking the best Australian wine daily, but you should be drinking it completely wrong. Here are a few tips that wine connoisseurs feel that the masses do not know about buying and drinking wine.

• White wine and rose can be served cold around 50 to 60 degrees F. Red wines are served at room temperature but they can be chilled as well. Bubble wines are usually chilled to about 45 degrees F.

• Its ok to let the bottle breathe at room temperature for a little while. This allows the flavors to melt and mellow but do not allow the bottle to settle at room temperature for a long time.

• Rule of thumb white wine is paired with white meat while red wine is paired with red meat. However, it’s now completely permissible to drink whichever variant you want with any food variety, provided you like the taste.

• Alcohol content varies considerably. Most labels will carry information about alcohol content and it’s a good idea to check the label before making a purchase. You should know though know that the alcohol content usually varies from 10% to 25%.

• Invest in good stemware and wine appliances. For example, get a good wine cooler and gel-filled wine sleeves to chill your bottles. Stemware can range anywhere from medium-sized bowls to thin flutes.

• You do not need to decant your wine immediately. The younger the wine, the better it tastes with decanting. However, an older heavy-bodied wine can do better if you do not decant it. Older wines also tend to have sediment at the base and pouring out the entire bottle can result in a chewy cloudy wine that destroys the taste completely.

• There is no need to rinse glasses if you are switching from red to white wine and vice versa.

• Keep house wines on hand like Sauvignon Blanc and like Chardonnay for guests.

• Don’t snub wine that comes in boxes and cans as they may be cheap, but they can be jazzed up in several different ways. Mulled wine, in which the wine is heated with spices, can elevate the taste of almost any cheap and affordable wine.

There is nothing wrong with drinking best Australian wine the way you are now, but by following our tips you could improve your drinking experience considerably. Please do try these tips and let us know how they work out for you.

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