Transform You Look With Pop Culture Tees

Present and close pockets distract the attention from a voluminous butt and restore a certain harmony. Avoid too light shades of denim, also avoids models too decorated, especially on the back.

Jeans with pockets or back decorations are your solution. Embroidery, zippers, studs, Pop Culture Tees, back pockets help add volume and make you feel less uncomfortable. You can finally show off your bottom instead of hiding it under long sweaters.

The low waist trousers are the ideal cut: they enhance the bottom and increase the volume. Around the shops there are some jeans designed to enhance the seat. Avoid regular fit jeans, those that go too straight, because they will completely disappear an already flat butt. Also avoids high-waisted jeans, even in that case the focus will be more on the hips and waist, because they are designed specifically to diminish the bottom.

The more the washing of jeans is dark, the better. For dark thighs, a dark denim and Pop Culture Tees are definitely better than a lighter one. A nuanced wash, lighter and lighter at the center of the thigh than the side parts, will help to streamline and harmonize the shapes. As for the model, the ideal is obviously a straight leg, a regular fit or a boyfriend jeans that is wide on the legs. life washes and nuances too bright: the shades are fine but must be little contrasted and very discreet. Absolutely avoid skinny jeans.

Choose tight pants, in this way you will succeed in slimming the figure. The final solution, however, would be to wear a model with the front fold: the results will be incredible, you’ll see! In choosing the model and the length, opt for long jeans, not to bend on the ankle, and match with shoes with heels. Avoid boyfriend jeans, those wide models that would create an annoying effect on those with short legs. The same goes for the jeans rolled up on the ankle: you need to slender more than that you can, so the trousers must be very long and to avoid a trailing effect they must be combined with heels.

If you’re lucky enough to be tall, you can afford a little bit of everything. If you are tall and skinny, the skinny jeans will enhance your legs, while if your height is combined with a certain athletic grandeur, perhaps it is better to opt for loose jeans, or boyfriend jeans. The lightest blue jeans and washes would then do for you. Perhaps it is better to avoid excessive decorations on your jeans.

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