Understanding How To Define Stoic Mindset

As a school of philosophy, Stoicism was founded by Zeno of Citium, an Athenian, in the beginning of the 3rd Century B.C. It belongs to the school of Hellenistic philosophy and continues to find relevance in the contemporary world. Stoics believe in living in accordance with nature. They seek guidance in life from reason rather than from faith and place emphasis on discipline, perseverance, and wisdom.

How Does One Define Stoic Mindset, the Stoic mindset encourages the individual to be calm, confident, and resilient. Whatever situation you may find yourself in, it is important to understand that there is only so much over which you have control. When one accepts this, a sense of peace and tranquility prevails.

A key maxim of Stoicism is, ‘If this is the will of nature, so be it.’ In life, we are often dealt with cards we may not like, but those are the cards that we can play with, as skillfully as possible. By adapting to circumstances we can assert our will and the likelihood of attaining what one wishes for improves greatly.

The accepted meaning for the word stoic is a person who does not express emotions and feelings. This is because stoics are encouraged to accept rather than argue or fight the circumstances that life has brought in their path. They treat each day as a new start, one that brings opportunities for learning. Stoics do not forget the past, instead, they learn from it and move on with wisdom.

To define Stoic mindset, one may wish to read quotes and works by famous Stoics such as Zeno of Citium, Marcus Aurelius, and Epictetus. A common thread that weaves through their thoughts and writing is control over one’s emotions and acceptance of life. The essential constructs of Stoicism lie in logic, ethics, and monism.

How to Define Stoic Mindset, we live in a world of diversity, and when one adopts that a Stoic mindset, you accept that everyone is equal and created the same. You strive to be kind in your interactions with others, even if they have been unpleasant with you. The Stoics view anger as a negative emotion that is to be avoided as it is devoid of self control and discipline. They also maintain that your anger hurts you most. Your life is full of choices, and the greatest choice of all is how you react to the world, and the circumstances that life has brought to your doorstep.

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