Understanding Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

You need a reliable partner in the fast moving electronics world. Your PCBs must be fabricated and assembled on time and as per your specifications. You cannot depend on companies that are not reliable and deliver poor quality results. You cannot take risks with your PCBs that must be manufactured to the highest electronics standards. Many customers prefer turnkey PCB assembly services because it helps them avoid dealing with component sourcing and other aspects of PCB manufacturing. It ensures fast turnaround, quick prototyping and quick production runs.

What Is a Turnkey Solution?

Turnkey refers to any service or product that is offered to a customer in a ready to use form. The part or product you receive does not require putting it through any other process before use. You can go ahead and install it immediately in the final product. You do not have to worry about sourcing the components and getting involved in other aspects of manufacturing. You only supply the design file, pay the quoted price, and receive the ready to use parts. It saves you a lot of hassles.

Partial Turnkey Services

A PCB manufacturing process involves various steps. It requires material and component sourcing, PCB assembly, quality control checks, shipment and order tracking. If you order your PCBs under the partial Turnkey option, you have to take responsibility for one or many of these steps. Most of the time, it involves sourcing the components and shipping them to the PCB assembling company. You can ship some or all components on full or partial consignment basis to the manufacturer. Due to more and better benefits of full turnkey PCB assembly services, the consignment assembly option is less in demand now.

Consignment Option

It is similar to the partial Turnkey option. You supply the materials and components needed to make your PCBs. You have to ship those components to the PCB manufacturer. The assembly is completed on schedule and the PCBs will be shipped to you after assembling and quality checks. If you are satisfied with the PCB company’s services, you may want to continue dealing with it. You can go for stocking consignment option whereas you send the components even for future PCB assembly requirements. You purchase the components and ship them to the manufacturer who will stock it. Components from this stock will be used when you place your next PCB orders. It reduces the time it takes to purchase and ship the components to the PCB assembler, and to receive the final PCBs. It is suitable if you regularly plan to order the same design PCBs.

Use the ordering option that best suits your project. Contact the PCB production company if you have any question.

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