Uses Of Frosted Perspex Cut To Size

Sheets with a matte finish on both sides are perfect for certain residential and commercial applications. The surfaces look like they were sand-blasted which creates interesting effects. This distinct appearance, coupled with the material’s excellent strength and light weight, makes it a favorite among many designers. They call up companies to get frosted Perspex cut to size according to their specifications. The dimensions are often detailed in computer-aided drawing software. Laser technology is used to achieve great precision. The pieces can then be assembled to form the following:

Light Advertising

The translucence of this material makes it an ideal choice for advertising boards with light coming from the inside. The glow can be readily seen from the outside which helps to draw attention. It is possible to use a clear sheet at the front to hold a poster, for example, and have the sides be frosted to obscure the view and focus the attention where it should be. Shop and restaurant signage can also make use of the effect to get more people coming into the establishment.

Light Installations

Indeed, virtually any type of lighting installation can benefit from the addition of this material. Lamps are great examples as the shades are meant to diffuse light. This is exactly what the frosted surface does. Instead of getting blinded by the brightness, people will see a soft glow emanate from the source. The surfaces can even be treated to carry various shapes that will cast interesting shadows on the walls for kids. Or just keep it plain yet elegant, making it suitable for bedroom lampshades and living room chandeliers.

Shower Screens

Shower curtains are cheap but they don’t really look good inside a bathroom. If you want a stylish shower, then consider using frosted Perspex for the job. It will obscure the inside of the stall to grant the user some privacy while washing up. It is incredibly light and thin so it won’t really take up much space, unlike if you used traditionally materials like bricks or wood. Acrylic is also a form of plastic and as such is resistant to moisture. It is going to hold up well despite the challenging conditions inside shower stalls.

Interior Design

Indeed, Perspex can be used for a wide variety of items for interior design. These include furniture pieces and décor. Modern chairs and tables may be made out of frosted acrylic. Various ornaments for the walls and tabletops can have this as well. Bookshelves, magazine racks, and other containers could work well by using this plastic sheet.

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