UV Light Germ Killers – What They Are And Where They Are Used

UV light falls into the ultraviolet light category and gives off high frequencies of UV light, which makes it incredibly effective at killing off viruses, bacteria, mold and a variety of other pathogens. Germicidal wavelengths of between 185 and 254 nanometers are needed to effectively kill off bacteria with UV light.

This method of disinfection started in mid-20th century and is increasing in popularity since it offers safe and affordable solutions to an incredible range of municipalities and industries. UV light does not have any of the health hazards that are present when using harmful chemicals, because it eliminates entirely, the production of disinfection by-products and corrosive materials.

Where are they used?

Low pressure mercury lamps are the most common kinds of UV Light Germ Killers used in a wide array of areas including purification of drinking water, sewage treatment, water reclamation, food processing and irradiation, odor control and HVAC air sterilization. These lamps are long-lasting, inexpensive to operate and are available in:

• Quartz compact and GU lamps
• Standard and high-output germicidal lamps
• Soft glass compact lamps
• Standard and high output soft glass lamps

Where and how you want to use it, will determine which type of lamp will suit your needs best.

How long does it take for the lamps to kill off bacteria?

Depending on your particular needs, any germ that is within 6 inches of the lamp will be dead in ten seconds.

Why are UV lamps better than other germ-killing techniques?

When compared with other disinfecting techniques, UV lamps are more efficient and effective because:

• The process doesn’t leave any residue and uses no chemicals whatsoever
• Unlike corrosive or harmful chemicals, UV lamps require no storage, handling or transportation
• Sterilization is automated so it eliminates potential mistakes by human hands during the cleaning process
• Multiple positioning and movement is required by other germ-killing devices, which add to work flow and reduce productivity
• Other germ-killing tactics introduce additional types of chemicals or human errors during the cleaning procedure

Can the lamps be used in residential properties?

Ultraviolet fixtures can be used just about anywhere including private homes, laboratories, hospitals, doctors rooms, clean rooms, food processing plants, commercial buildings, as well as any other residential and commercial environments. In fact, these particular lamps can be used in any environment where there is a need for clean air.

Depending on where they are used, UV Light Germ Killers, as long as they are checked and cleaned about every three months or so, will provide up to 17,000 hours of clean and germ-free air in any environment.

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