Walk In Freezer Curtains

Anyone with a large refrigerated storage area understands the angst that the power consumption and the condensation can create. Aside from the discomfort of walking past a large grocery cooler and having to deal with the cold air, every bit of coolness that escapes is lost energy and every bit of warm air that enters brings water vapor. A simple solution is to install walk in freezer curtains. They are standard, but some sources are better than others.

Take a look at a webpage that has the latest cooler hanger curtains for sale. Visiting an online depot is a great way to save money but is also to check out different brands and styles. It can make a difference based on how much energy efficiency is expected versus ease of access. It also pays to look at consumer comments to see whether or not curtains are an efficient addition to your walk-in freezer.

As an example, many restaurants have a freezer or a large refrigerator but do not put curtains over it because of the limited size compared to what might be used by a warehouse or a large chain store. Smaller freezers often have smaller doors that can be accessed by workers but not with trolley equipment. In the case of a smaller door, it is reasonable either to choose slimmer curtains or to do without.

Walk in freezer curtains are usually strips of PVC plastic sheeting that can be easily separated for access. They are hardly a barrier but merely prevent air from moving between a hot and cold room. It is typical for cold air to exit along the floor with warm air moving in to replace what has left. Having curtains that extend all the way to the floor impede this convection current.

Strip curtains are typically clear and of a standard size. They can be ordered to different lengths but frequently are cut to precise door size. To that end, the final installation might be made by a technician who manually cuts the strips to the desired size and then hang them in a precise fashion. The better the fit, the safer and more efficient it will be.

While PVC curtains are inexpensive, they should be replaced if they become beaten over the years. This is just because clarity is a safety feature, and any holes will diminish their efficiency. Any loose curtain pieces should be replaced for the sake of safety. Whatever your needs, find a terrific resource online. It is enough to meet the demands of large warehouses.

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