Welcome To The Wonderful Combination Of Technology And Instructor Led Training

In a conventional setup, instructor led training would involve inviting a professional expert with specialized knowledge to the office for a personal session. Apart from coordinating the schedule of the instructor, you will also have to collaborate with your employees to ensure your office routine is not impacted by the training session.

Now, how can an online learning platform help you extract more benefits of the instructor led training session? For starters, physical presence will no longer be required for such a session. The instructor can conduct the session from half way across the globe without any hassles whatsoever.

The session can be done through streaming of video from a webcam, a laptop, or even a smart phone. The location of the instructor becomes irrelevant as long as your staff is in a position to see and hear the person.

Secondly, you have the option of shifting from a live training session to a recorded session followed by a question-and-answer session. Instead of coordinating the availability of your entire team, you can request to the instructor to provide a recorded video. The employees can view the video at their convenience and revert with ideas, suggestions, and questions about the topic discussed.

The instructor can be requested to get back with the necessary clarifications. While such a training session may not be feasible or practical for all kinds of instructions, it certainly gives you an option that did not exist in the past.

Thirdly, you can move from sessions conducted by a single instructor to sessions conducted by multiple instructors located in different parts of the world at the same time. Instead of compartmentalizing training sessions into different categories like marketing, finance, sales, etc., you can have experts from different fields available in your office through video streaming at the same time. Having a full day session involving multiple experts may be less disruptive for your business as compared to conducting 2-3 hour sessions on multiple days over a span of a month.

Finally, technology can help you institutionalize such training sessions without any significant additional cost. Any modern office is likely to have the necessary equipment for instructors to conduct training in a virtual classroom. You can explore newer and better ways to train your employees without making any additional investment into the entire exercise.

With so many advantages involved, restricting yourself to the conventional training set up does not make any sense whatsoever. If you want to succeed and if you want your team to become better at what they do, then such technological tools must be utilized to the fullest extent possible.

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