What Can You Do To Make Your Pre-Trip Inspections More Effective?

It shouldn’t come as a huge revelation that pre-trip inspections are part of what keeps your fleet up and running. From your perspective as a manager, it would seem obvious to conclude that your drivers give them the attention they deserve. Well, apparently not so. In their eyes, these checks are just another annoyance that eats up too much time and energy.

Of course, humans are apt to take things less seriously when they become too humdrum and tedious. It goes without saying that your drivers are no exception. In a bid to hit the road sooner, most of them often rush through the pre-trip inspection process or ignore it altogether. Obviously, you want to know what you can do to change things for the better.

Look After Your Drivers

A common complaint among fleet drivers is that managers seem too out-of-touch with the realities of living a life out on the road. Not that you need to take up a course on the same, but what’s important is to keep their needs at the forefront of your firm’s operations. This way, they’ll feel obligated to look after the vehicles.

Stress the Need

You can never be too sure about whether your staff understand the importance of pre-trip inspections. So make sure to stress it whenever you hold meetings with them. Specifically, you’ll want to explain how these checkups ward off potential breakdowns. Also mention how the health of the fleet impacts their earning potential.

It’d also help to have a way of enforcing compliance. This could mean having your drivers sign an agreement that outlines their responsibilities with respect to maintenance checkups. Be sure to highlight what’s expected of them, plus the consequences of non-compliance.

Go Digital

Here’s the deal — a pen-and-paper way of doing things is no longer acceptable in business. If your inspection routine can be described as such, it’s the high time you deployed an app. Think of it as an incentive for your drivers to complete the process without cutting corners.

Your job as a fleet manager is already stressful enough without the added hassle of micro-managing your drivers. So now’s the time to simplify those behind-the-scenes tasks that take up so much of their time. The right fleet inspection app will go a long way in this regard. Ultimately, anything else that would take headaches out of the routine is well worth the effort.

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